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Metro United Homeschool Soccer

Player Code of Conduct

As a Metro United student athlete, I . . .

  • support that Metro United is founded on and guided by Christian principles as we seek to provide an excellent, competitive high school homeschool soccer program at a reasonable price that helps boys and girls become men and women of integrity and character who will lead, work hard, and practice good sportsmanship.

  • participate by arriving early enough to be ready when the coach starts warm-ups, attending all soccer activities except in cases of illness or emergency, and putting 100% effort into doing what the coach asks of me in both practices and games.

  • recognize that I represent my family, team, and Metro United, and that my level of effort demonstrates my commitment and respect for my coach and my teammates.

  • support and encourage my team and coach by demonstrating integrity, character, leadership, hard work, strong relationships, and good sportsmanship, regardless of my playing time and our win-loss record.

  • speak and act respectfully when I interact with players, parents, coaches, referees, spectators, Metro United staff, and volunteers.

  • participate as a player in the Metro United Player Safety Policy.

  • allow for accountability and take responsibility for my actions when I fail to live up to these standards.