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Metro United Homeschool Soccer

Eligibility Rules

Age/Grade/Eligibility Rules

Schooling Status: must be homeschooled, must not have graduated.
Homeschooling Definition
: must submit an “Intent to Homeschool” form to school district for compulsory-aged players. If your player is above the compulsory age and you choose not to submit a form to the district, the student must still be under the educational authority of parents and may not be enrolled in a public, private, online, or charter school.
Age: must be 12 or over by September 1st; must be 18 or under as of the start of tryouts in August.
Grade: must be in grades 7-12, although exceptions will be considered for age-eligible 6th graders if space available. Please report your grade for rostering purposes by counting backwards from the expected year of graduation, regardless of advanced/behind schoolwork in any particular subject.
Graduation Year Changes: no changes to expected graduation year will be accepted after a player is once declared to be in 11th grade.
Seasons of Participation: max of 6 seasons on varsity.
Tryout Participation: may not concurrently participate in any other high school's soccer tryouts.
Athletic Participation During the Season: Metro United players may not participate (practices, training, games) as a member of another soccer team during our season. They may take lessons/train with a non-Metro United coach, but not when it would lead to an absence from a Metro United activity. Players may compete in non-soccer sports during our season but Metro United activities must take precedence.